Most Effective Onboarding Tips: Guide to Retaining Talent

Boss and new employee shaking hands

Deliberate Effort in Onboarding Will Save You Money Did you know that 30% of employees leave within their first 90 days on the job? (Source: Job Seeker Nation 2023). This statistic is alarming, costly, and entirely preventable. But fear not—exceptional onboarding isn’t rocket science; it requires deliberate effort. Here’s a roadmap to ensure your new […]

Cultivating Thankfulness in Every Situation

Thankful employee or candidate on computer

Gratitude is a powerful force that can transform our lives. It’s not limited to any specific situation or moment; instead, it’s a mindset that we can choose to adopt in all aspects of our lives. Whether you’re in the midst of a job hunt, enjoying a fulfilling career, or savoring the joys of family, friends, […]