Most Effective Onboarding Tips: Guide to Retaining Talent

Boss and new employee shaking hands

Deliberate Effort in Onboarding Will Save You Money Did you know that 30% of employees leave within their first 90 days on the job? (Source: Job Seeker Nation 2023). This statistic is alarming, costly, and entirely preventable. But fear not—exceptional onboarding isn’t rocket science; it requires deliberate effort. Here’s a roadmap to ensure your new […]

Continuous Learning for Engineering Professionals

Continuous learning on laptop

The Crucial Role of Continuous Learning and Development in the Workplace for Engineering Professionals Continuous learning and development are pivotal aspects of professional growth for Engineering Professionals. They encompass acquiring knowledge, skills, and experiences to enhance performance and propel career advancement. In today’s dynamic business landscape, characterized by rapid changes and evolving technologies, prioritizing continuous […]