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When you’re looking for your next opportunity, you can’t go wrong with M-Team Solutions. We are a professional recruiting firm specializing in engineering, business operations, and information technology, based in the Detroit area. We have relationships with many top employers in the automotive, technology, manufacturing, and business services industries. Let our team help you find the ideal place for your skills and experience.

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M-Team knows your industry and the challenges of finding new talent to grow your teams and company. With our vast experience in engineering, IT, and business operations, we can screen candidates as our peers and truly understand what sets our candidates apart. Spend less time interviewing the wrong candidates and more time interviewing the right candidates from M-Team.

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M-Team Solutions is a professional recruiting agency serving the people and businesses of the following focus areas:

  • Engineering And Manufacturing
  • Industry 4.0 Information Technology
  • Corporate and Business Operations


News and information for the automotive, technology, and manufacturing industries.

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Recruiting Strategies
Bryce Watts

Contract-to-Hire: A Flexible Solution

The future is uncertain…that’s a true statement no matter what timeframe we’re discussing. Of course, these days, we’re discussing downturns, inflation, and layoffs. Over the

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