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Contract-to-Hire: A Flexible Solution

The future is uncertain…that’s a true statement no matter what timeframe we’re discussing. Of course, these days, we’re discussing downturns, inflation, and layoffs. Over the last two years, companies have been doing their best to hold on to their top talent while battling the “Great Resignation” by many who changed jobs.

As we head into more uncertain times, one tool of the hiring process has become very popular with current M-Team customers: the contract-to-hire scenario.

Why should a company consider hiring on a contract-to-hire basis?

  1. Trial Run: The ability to experience a trial run of an employee before you hire them direct. Our customers may use contract-to-hire positions to ensure they have the right person for the right job.
  2. Budget: It gives our customers the time they need to work a new full-time employee into the budget while still getting the work done.
  3. Risk reduction: It’s perceived as less risky because our customer is not committing to paying a salary, benefits, and other expenses upfront. That risk is handled by M-Team.
  4. Increased Workload: Growth and expansion might be coming sooner than you expect. It can be difficult for your full-time employees to take on that additional work themselves since they already have a full workload.
  5. Onboarding: Onboarding is a breeze. M-Team handles everything from start to finish with all the onboarding requirements.


If you think this will deter top talent from applying to contract-to-hire positions, think again.

M-Team Solutions offers full benefits at affordable prices; paid holidays; a generous PTO plan; and other perks. M-Team can attract top talent for your contract-to-hire positions and keep them happy throughout their contract employment.

Do you want to learn more about M-Team’s direct placement, contract-to-hire, or temporary staffing services? Call Brad Smiles at (248) 770-9231 or send him an email at

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