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Always Have Hope: My Mom’s Battle with Breast Cancer 

Written by Brad Smiles

It was January 2015, and we all sat in the nursing home room waiting for the moment my mom left us to be with our Lord in heaven. 

She took her last breath as this verse of Silent Night played in the background: “…slee-eep in heavenly peace…“. We couldn’t celebrate Christmas much that year, so she wanted to hear the classic holiday hymns. It was a sad but beautiful moment, surrounded by her family, as her fight with breast cancer came to an end.  

The cancer had come and gone over many years, each time bringing tears, struggles, prayer, and a fighting determination to beat it. 

Breast cancer is a battle no one ever wants to face, but when it comes to a loved one, it hits close to home like nothing else. It all started when my mom noticed a lump in her breast during a routine self-exam and then had tests done. The initial shock and fear that followed were overwhelming, but she knew she had to face it head-on. My mom’s journey through breast cancer treatment was nothing short of inspiring. She faced multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and eventually a double mastectomy, with remarkable courage, faith, positivity, and hope. The physical and emotional toll of the treatments was undoubtedly challenging, but she never let it break her spirit.  

Her battle with breast cancer taught us the importance of love, support, and positivity in the face of adversity. Amidst the struggles, my mom found joy in the little things, cherished each moment with everyone around her, and refused to let cancer define her. Her optimism was infectious and served as a beacon of hope for all of us, even on the toughest of days.

Her cancer reappeared a few years later and spread throughout her body. The end was near, but through it all, she always had the mindset of being strong, staying positive, and always having hope. I’ll never forget walking out of the doctor’s office in December as we received the test results that the cancer had returned. She gave me a look and calmly said, “Well, Brad, it’s time to beat this thing again.” She didn’t beat it this time but remained positive and determined to fight it until the end. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her and the courage she showed throughout her life. 

When I started M-Team Solutions in 2021, I wanted to ensure that community involvement and charitable contributions were a big part of our company philosophy. My mom instilled the importance of giving back our time, talent, and money to others. Thank you, Mom, for this important life lesson, and I look forward to instilling this mindset at M-Team for many years to come.

In line with our commitment to making a positive impact, we are running a company-wide event on October 19th to encourage everyone to wear pink or red to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of my mom and all those affected by this disease, we will also be making a donation to Susan G. Komen’s breast cancer research organization. If you’d like to join us in supporting this cause, you can make a donation at

Please read below for important information and advice from Susan G. Komen about Breast Self-Awareness: 

  1. Know your risk: talk to both sides of your family about your family’s health history. 
  2. Talk to your doctor: about your risk of breast cancer and schedule a screening test and mammogram. 
  3. Know what is normal: see a doctor if you notice anything abnormal on your breasts. 
  4. Make healthy life choices: maintain a healthy weight and make exercise a part of your daily routine.  


For more information, visit or call Susan G. Komen’s Breast Care Helpline at 1-877-465-6636.

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